• Tagging never has been more fun!

    Tagging re-invented and fully integrated into the Windows File Explorer


    Finding, navigating, categorizing and structuring Files and Folders

    by using 'Tagging for Windows'.

  • Save time


    Tags are shown in the Windows File Explorer, directly visible and usable.

    Access your Files and Folders fast and easy by using Tags.

    Enjoy your spare time!

    Any file type


    Files of any type can be tagged. Without exceptions.



    All files are equally important!

    No modifications


    The name, location and content of Files and Folders is left unchanged when using Tags.

    Keep it clean!
  • Unlimited freedom!



    Tags are created in the Windows File Explorer and are organized in groups.



    Simplicity rules!

    Ease of use


    Use the Windows File Explorer as before, now with tagging included.



    Keeping track of things!

    Rename and move


    Tags are kept when Files and Folder are moved or renamed within the Windows File Explorer.

  • File Open/Save As


    Tags provide a quick access to Files and Folders from other applications.



    Integration as never seen before!



    Tagged Files and Folders are shown when a Tag is selected.

    Tags are shown when a tagged File or Folder is selected.


    Combine Tags


    Tags can be combined to find specific Files.



    Smart view!
  • Unlimited freedom!



    Create a set of data containing the tags and links to files and folders.



    Simplicity rules!



    Use a set of data to add tags and links to files and folders into your system.



    Keeping track of things!

    External Data


    Import data from other sources using CSV files.

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