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  • Version 4 with CLOUD- and LAN Support

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  • The next generation of Document Management Systems

    In today's fast-paced digital world, efficiently managing your documents is crucial for productivity and success. That's where Tagging for Windows comes in. Our software allows you to add tags to all your documents.


    These tags transfer across multiple systems so you can organize, search, and collaborate on your documents effortlessly without wasting time locating your file. Our software also allows you to tag various types of files, including folders, documents, and more.


    Effortless file organization for Windows

    Say goodbye to the endless scrolling and searching for the right document. When you download Tagging for Windows, you can efficiently categorize your files, making them instantly accessible with just a few clicks. See how Tagging for Windows can help improve your workflow.


    Streamline your workflow

    Our software enables you to assign tags or keywords to files based on their content, relevance, or other criteria that suit your needs. You can create custom tags and color code them.


    Collaborate with ease

    Tagging for Windows makes it easy for team members to find documents quickly, as these tags transfer across multiple devices. This makes it easier to collaborate and improves productivity.


    Tracking made simple

    Keeping track of documents can be daunting, especially when multiple people are involved. However, with Tagging for Windows, your document's tags will remain the same even when someone moves the file.


    Why use file management software?

    The best file management software is essential for any business. It enables seamless document retrieval, reduces clutter, and saves valuable time. It also allows you to track sensitive files, ensuring accurate and secure data management. Tagging for Windows also offers an intuitive interface making it easier than ever to track your files.


    At Tagging for Windows, we don't believe that organizing your files should be complicated. That's why we created a straightforward program that seamlessly integrates with your current programs. Spend less time finding what you need and get right to work.


    How you find files easy with the Smart View

    Step 1: Download the software

    Visit our website and download Tagging for Windows onto your computer. Our tagging software is compatible with Windows 10 and 11 and is quick and easy to install.

    Step 2: Tag your files

    Open Tagging for Windows and start tagging your files. You can assign multiple tags to a single file and create custom tags for flexible organization.

    Step 3: Find everything you need in seconds

    Once your files are tagged, finding them is a breeze. Use the Smart View or browse through your tagged categories to locate the document you need. Download it today to get started.


    What Tagging for Windows users are saying

    [B.R.: Hi. I love your Tagging software. It is impressive how you have nicely integrated it into the Windows Explorer. I am now interested to know if and how I can share the tagging information with colleagues. For example, if we work with files on one of the cloud storage locations (Dropbox, Sync, OneDrive). It would be nice if any one of us could tag the files and take advantage of other' tags.

    G.F.: Gentlemen of Tagging for Windows Technical Support. Thank you very much and congratulations. The help you have prepared is very well received, very professional and very helpful an I will have it at hand, even though Tagging for Windows is very intuitive to use. In every way they have done a great job.

    F.D.: Just wnated to let you all know that your 'Tagging for Windows' application has been *exactly* what I wanted, and I'm really impressed just how well integrated it is with the File Explorer. I will say, it was a bit difficult to find your application in the first place, but now that I've found it I'm glad it exists!]


    How much does Tagging for Windows cost?

    Tagging for Windows is a powerful file manager for any business. However, the best part is that you can download Tagging for Windows for free and begin using it immediately for a trial period of 14 days.


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