• The tags and links to your files and folders are kept in a separate database so no modifications are needed. But if something is changed about the file or folder by yourself within the Windows File Explorer, the links to the tag are kept.

    Cloud Support

    Tags will be synchronized using any Cloud Service.

  • With Tagging for Windows files and folders can be tagged. When these files and folders are being stored in a Cloud Service the tags will be synchronized and can be used on any other machine provided that on that machine Tagging for Windows is installed .


    You can share tags per Tag Group on multiple channels.

    For instance if you share tags on a LAN, you can also share the same tags via a Cloud Service (like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, ICloud, etc.).. So, working at home and working at the office will therefore seamlessly being integrated.


    Working with sharing is made as easy as 'Share' and "Join' .


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