• The integration into the Windows File Explorer makes it easy to start, whithout configuration, in the best known user interface extended with an tag feature. Save time doing all the tagging, structuring, combing, navigating and finding files and folders in the explorer.

    Save time

    Tagging is directly available in the Windows File Explorer.

  • Tagging helps you to find your files and folders easier and faster. When files or folders are tagged, it is a way to get to them regardless of their location. No need to remember the exact location, just tag it with one or more tags that apply. From that moment on, you can use one of the tags to navigate to the file or folder.



    What will save time as well, is the fact the tagging solution is embedded in the Windows File Explorer. This means no other program need to be started to get to your files, folders and tags. It also means no other program has to be learned. Everything in the Windows File Explorer works as before. The tags also work like virtual folders. The containing files and folders are listed in the Explorer and all normal things are possible from there. For a file this means it can be previewed right away. A file can, among other things, be opened, copied or renamed using the context menu or shortcuts. A folder can be opened by using just a double-click, as you are used to.



    Another time saving feature is the fact you do not need to open an application like Word or to go to the property dialog of a file for the tags. In the application or property dialog, on a certain tab-page, you need to type the name of a tag every single time. With the tagging solution a tag can be reused by selecting it. No need to type the name again which also prevents casing differences and typing errors.



    Last but not least, tags are shown in the tag pane. In the tag page all the tags linked to a file or folder are shown. From the tag pane you can, for instance, navigate to a tag itself to see all other linked files and folders. But is it also possible to add a tag to the Smart View to make a combination of tags in order see a more specific list of files or folders.


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