• Tag not only the well known types like Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, but any type of file. Start tagging for instance Pdf, Epub, Avi files as well directly. Folders can be tagged as well.

    Any file type

    All types of Files and also Folders can be tagged.

  • In the Windows File Explorer tags are enabled for several type of files. For example Photos(jpg), Music(mp3) and Office documents like Word, Excel or Powerpoint can have tags. But a simple text file (txt) or Adobe pdf lack the possibility to add tags the same way. Additional software needs to be installed and configured for the specific file types most of the time, if even possible. For the ability to tag folders, additional software needs to be installed as well.



    Tagging for Windows allows you to tag any type of file and folders. Nothing has to be configured after installing it. You can start tagging all files and folders right away. You never ever will have to think about it again. If a new type of file is introduced on your system, it also can be tagged from start.



    Using Tagging for Windows for all types of files and folder means all is done uniformly. No need to open an application like Word or to go to the property dialog of a file for adding tags.



    As stated before: Tagging for Windows can tag any file type or folder without installing or configuring extra software. Technically this means that Tagging for Windows will not overwrite existing things done for file types on your system.


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