• A CSV file can contain information about tags and their structure. Both it is also possible to add the location of files and folders that should be linked to a tag as well. Use a list of files and/or folders taken another application and simply associate them with tags.

    Include external data

    Import data from other sources using CSV files.

  • Every organization uses computer systems where information is stored that is related to information kept in files of various types. Those files are stored on the companies network in a fixed folder structure.



    Tagging for Windows can be used to connect information stored in computer systems and the information kept in the various files, using the ‘Import data using CSV files’ function of Tagging for Windows.



    Get more out of your information that describes your company structure by maintaining it with Tagging for Windows.

    Every organization keeps it: a list of departments, a list of positions, a list of computer systems, a list of forms, a list of locations, a list of research items, etc. All these lists contain the identifications of those topics. Most of those topics are being described, visualised and calculated in files of different file types. Access to all those files is normally achieved via the companies folder structure. However, in al lot of cases, references tot information kept in those files are of a different nature. This presents an accessibility problem. Mostly this results in performing repetitive searches. A time consuming activity.



    Simply export those topics into CSV formatted files and import those CSV files into the Tag structure of Tagging for Windows, in the Windows File Explorer. You can manage all those topics in the Windows File Explorer and, and this is a big benefit, you can refer tags to several files. Herewith you create an additional index to access files (and folders), using the tag structure(s). And, and this is another big benefit, you do not have to perform those time consuming searches anymore. Information is directly available, in the Windows File Explorer itself!



    The third big benefit is, that you can manage all the topics that identify departments, positions, computer systems, forms, locations, research items, etc. in one place: the Windows File Explorer.


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