• Compose a collection of files that have two or more tags linked e.g. files having both tags. Include and / or exclude required tags or combinations of tags to create a set you like.

    Combine tags

    Find files and folders having two or more tags combined.

  • With Tagging for Windows tags can be linked to multiple files and folders and, of course, files and folders can have more then one tag. When a tag is linked to a lot of files, finding that one special file becomes relatively hard again. A combination of tags can make the difference in such a case.



    Combinations of tags allows you, for instance, to compose a collection of files linked with two tags. If such a collection is still to large, you can add another tag to include. It is also possible to do the opposite. A tag can be set to be excluded as well. In that case, the resulting collection of files will not have any file with that tag.



    The combinations of tags are called Smart View. Smart views can be composed adding the required tags. Each unique combination of tags can be set to be included or excluded (or ignored). The resulting collection of files is shown in the Folder View. Within the Folder View files can be previewed. This can enable you to confirm that one special file is found.



    Smart Views can be saved for later use. No need to compose it again with the required tags and choose the appropriate include and exclude options. The saved Smart View can be selected in the Navigation pane of the Windows File Explorer. The resulting collection of files will be shown in the Folder View. Even new files that meet the conditions become part of the resulting collection.


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