How to view the linked Tags

How to view the linked Tags

How to view linked Tags is described in few easy steps.
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When you select a tagged file and/or folder the linked tags are shown in the ‘Tags pane’.



By clicking the right mouse button on a tag in the ‘Tags pane’ the context menu of a tag is opened. This context menu contains the following items:
-    Show within Tag group -> Select the tag in the Navigation pane of the Windows File Explorer.
-    Tag with -> Tag a tag with another tag, this is an expert function.
-    Add to ‘Tag with’ -> Add the tag to the ‘Tag with list’. It will become the first item in the list.
-    Tag website -> If the clipboard contains a website address, the website address is tagged with this tag.
-    Add to smart view -> Add a the tag to the Smart view
-    Untag -> Remove the link between the file and/or folder and this tag.

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