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How to start Tagging

How to start Tagging is described in few easy steps. The word ‘Tagging’ is short for linking a Tag to a File, a Folder or even another Tag.
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Select a file/folder you want to tag. In the Tag pane press the ‘Add or select Tag’ button (indicated below by the orange frames).


When the ‘Add or select Tag’ button is pressed an editable combobox with list autocomplete will appear.


By typing text in the combobox, matching tags are shown in the list.


When a Tag is selected from the list, this Tag will be used to tag the file(s), folder(s) and/or tag(s).  If the typed text does not match any of the existing tags, a new Tag will be created and will be used to tag the file(s), folder(s) and/or tag(s).  

Tags no longer need to be predefined. They can be selected from existing tags or by just typing the name of a new tag.

Applied new tags will be created automatically in a new special Tag group named ‘Base Tag group’.  This Tag group will be created automatically the first time a Tag is created using ‘Add or select Tag’. This Tag group can be found under the Tagging node in the Navigation pane of the Windows File Explorer and cannot be renamed or deleted.


Tags in the ‘Base Tag group’ can be moved/copied to any other Tag group.


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