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    €5,00 (excl.VAT)

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    Implementation session  

    €82,00 (excl.VAT)

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  • Features


    Find your files in seconds with Tagging for Windows

    It can take you a long time to search in Windows File Explorer for a specific document. Organize your files and streamline your workflow with the help of Tagging for Windows.


    Our easy-to-use software allows you to tag all of your documents, making it a snap for you to find them when you need them. Tag files, documents, and more with the help of Tagging for Windows.


    We offer continuous paid and free license options for our customers. Learn more and get started today.



    Tag any file type and folders

    Tag multiple files/folders/tags with multiple tags

    Create tag lists and hierarchies

    Create Tag Group(s)

    Tag Webpages

    Easy adding new tags or selecting existing tags

    A tag acts like a virtual folder

    View files and folders of a tag and optional all it's child tags

    View files and folders of a tag an optional all it's linked tags

    Tags are kept when files and folders are moved, copied or renamed

    Use coloured icons

    Preview- and details pane are supported

    Tag functions available using context menu's and keyboard shortcuts


    How our process works


    Step One: Pick Your Subscription Plan

    Quickly sign up for a free account or purchase an annual subscription on our website.

    Step Two: Download Our Software

    The Tagging for Windows software be up and running on your computer in just a few minutes.

    Step Three: Find What You Need

    You'll be able to find your documents in seconds once you download the best file-managing software.


    How to improve your productivity: 1 Hour Implementation Session


    In this session (Zoom) we can address how to tackle the following topics:


    (Further) implementation strategy of Tagging for Windows

    What goals did you set?

    In what area of your organization do you want an improvement of productivity?

    Speed up the tagging process using Search and Tag (Bulk tagging)

    Tips and tricks using the software

    Speed up finding files using the Smart View.

    How to motivate people using Tagging for Windows?

    Where to look for measurable successes and how to share your successes?

    How to implement Tagging for Windows on your LAN?

    Shared Tagging


    Share Tag Group(s)

    Use shared Tag Group(s)

    Start/stop synchronizing

    Use Cloud Services (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.)

    Using your LAN.

    Easy configuration


    Smart View


    Define Smart View based on tag(s)

    Use any combination of tags

    Save Smart View definitions

    View files and folders of a tag and optional all it's child tags (under development)

    View files and folders of a tag and optional all it's linked tags (under development)

    Save Smart View results

    Search and Tag


    Search based on text in the name of the file and/or in the content

    Search for whole words or parts of words

    Select type of files to be searched

    Preview files

    Tag one or more found files with one or more tags

    Export/import tags


    Export tag(s) or Tag Group(s) with their links to files, folders and other tags

    Export to CSV (under development)

    Supports scheduling Export using Windows Task Scheduler

    Import CSV

    Import with Tagging for Windows created export

    Map tags during import to existing tag structure

    Map files and folders during import to existing file/folder structure


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