Personal Information Management (PIM)

The use of tagging files and folders is essential

Since large numbers of computer files define our everyday lives, any tagging software solution should scale well to a large number of files and should not affect the efficiency of the browsing process. Even with a large number of files, users must be able to locate their data as quickly and easily as possible. Some special retrieval tools handle only a small set of file types. Such systems — although very popular in the form of music or photo management software — are not a general solution to the underlying shortcomings of current file browsing tools.

Some features provided in specialised management tools would be of great help for other file types. For example, OS X Finder has the feature of smart folders. Tagging for Windows offers a Smart View functionality. A smart folder is a stored search query which dynamically shows any results matching the search criteria. When the user “opens” the smart folder, the content is updated instantly. With this feature, it is very easy, for example, to create a smart folder showing all files modified within the last two days without having to repeatedly define a search query every time. This is very similar to what iTunes offers for music collections, and Tagging for Windows offers this as an addition to the Windows File Explorer. A file browsing solution for all kinds of file types.