Expload's use of Tagging for Windows

Did you know that there are still many explosives in the soil in the Netherlands? Almost daily dozens of pieces are removed from the soil by specialized companies and stored safely for destruction by the Explosives Clearance Service of Defense.

In 2015, we of Expload were suddenly confronted with a sharply increasing demand for advice on the risks of explosives from the Second World War.

Because we only provide advice, we depend on data. In particular, many digitized historical documents. Our database is growing every week: every time we go to a new archive for a client, information is added. How do you find the correct and complete information in such a database with more than 75 years of history? The value of our products lies in finding data from a wide range of sources and applying this in the customer's case.

With the user-friendly software Tagging for Windows, of which a free download is available, we have taken a big step. Many documents are now neatly arranged by theme, place and date. Teams can retrieve files that have been unlocked by others. It saved us a lot of time and costs. Hours that were otherwise spent transferring knowledge in the traditional way. And costs to restore work through insights that surfaced too late.

Call Menno Ribbens for more information on the general number of Expload: +31 345 778 990

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