• Creating Tags

    Tags are created in the Windows File Explorer Navigation pane.

    In the Windows File Explorer you can create your own tag structure for tagging files and folders.
  • Tagging a File or Folder

    Files and Folders are tagged by using the context menu.

    Connect a tag, file or folder and paste it using the windows file explorer context menu.
  • Viewing tagged Files and Folders

    Tagged Files and Folders are shown in the Windows File Explorer Folder view.

    Tagged files and folders are shown in the windows file explorer folder view.
  • Viewing File and Folder Tags

    File and Folder Tags are shown in the new Tags pane in the Windows File Explorer.

    Tags are integrated into the windows file explorer and can be seen for every file and folder in a separate pane.
  • Filter Files and Folders

    Use a 'Smart View' to find specific Files and Folders based on a combination of Tags.

    Tags can be combined to create a custom collection.
  • Viewing tagged Websites

    Tagged Websites are shown in the Windows File Explorer Folder view.

    Tagging for Windows can be used as an alternative for your favorite websites.
  • Tagging many Files at once

    Use 'Search & Tag' to search existing Files and Tag them at once.

    Bulk tagging existing files with search and tag.
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